Lohdunkantaja – a charity jewelry collection to benefit the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki

The jewelry collection was born out of a passion to do something meaningful together and to contribute to an important cause.

The jewelry collection was born out of a passion to do something meaningful together and to contribute to an important cause.

Lohdunkantaja (”The consolation bearer” in English) is a charity jewelry collection born of our desire to help children in our community. As mothers of small children, we both understand the importance of the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki. That is why all the proceeds from the jewelry collection will be donated to the New Children’s Hospital. We aim to collect at least 75 000 euros for the hospital of which we have already collected over 56 000 euros.  

”Our vision is to see a large group of Lohdunkantaja jewelry bearers who have wanted to be a part of the great story of the New Children’s Hospital.”           

        - Katja Snäll, co-founder and co-designer of the Lohdunkantaja jewelry

The jewelry collection, which was designed to blend classy design and Finnish quality craftmanship, offers pieces for both women and men. The ladies collection consists of two different kinds of pendants and a hand bracelet, while the men’s offering includes a pendant and a set of cuff links. The entire collection is rhodium-plated sterling silver designed to resist tarnish and look great for years to come. In reference to the New Hospital’s location, each piece is emblazoned with the coordinates of the building. In addition, each piece of the collection is imprinted with a unique number to commemorate the donation of the participant. This number and its owner’s name can be seen at the donors’ list at: Lohdunkantajien ketju.

”We wanted our efforts to be concrete, just like the new hospital building.”

        - Piia Hoffsten, co-founder and co-designer of Lohdunkantaja jewelry

The jewelry can be purchased in the Timanttiset stores and web shop, with prices ranging from €98 to €110. All profits will be donated for the construction of the New Children’s Hospital. Sales of the jewelry collection will begin the week of July 6th, 2015. Pre-orders can be made at the Timanttiset web store and shops. Our web shop delivers in Finland only. For international orders, please email et timanttiset@timanttiset.fi

The New Children’s Hospital is currently planned to open up its doors on the 6th of December, 2016, a date planned to coincide with Finland’s Independence Day. Although the first pledge goal was reached in 2014, money is still needed. Working together continues: Join us in building the world’s best Children’s Hospital and support the tradition of high quality children’s health care!

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has bought a Lohdunkantaja and helped realize our vision!

Please, let us know your name and the number on your jewelry either by emailing us at info@lohdunkantaja.fi or through ”Yhteystiedot” page so that we can add your name to the list of donors, ”Lohdunkantajien ketju”.